Tenants hints and tips

1Tip 1 - Arrange a viewing
Try to arrange a viewing for a less busy time (during the day in the week) this may allow for an increased chance of you securing your perfect rental property as less people will view the property at that time.
2Tip 2 - Holding deposit
Your holding deposit will need to be paid as soon as you have submitted your application and it has been signed off as successful, this will ensure that the property is taken off the market and a move in date can be agreed.
3Tip 3 - Rental Period
Initially you will be signed up for a 6 month contract, after the 6 months you can remain on a rolling monthly contract, alternatively you can arrange to sign up for a further 6 months at the end of your initial tenancy.
4Tip 4 - Guarantors
If you are on income support or benefits you may require a guarantor, this may also be the case if you are in part time work or earning under a certain amount per month. We normally ask that the tenant/s earn in excess of three times the monthly rent on the property that you are interested in. We ask that someone acting as a guarantor is a family member, in full time work, within the UK and able to provide a recent payslip and photograph ID.
5Tip 5 - How will i sign up if my application is successful?
Our residential manager will meet you at the property to sign documentation and hand over the keys, gas certs, TDS certificate, EPC and bin collection information for the property.
6Tip 6 - Maintenance / Repair Issues
It is the landlord/managing agent's responsibility to provide you with a well maintained property. Should you require assistance with any maintenance issue please call your Residential or Commercial manager in the first instance giving as much information as possible regarding your concern. Relevant contractors will then be instructed to contact you to arrange a suitable time to visit the property.
7Tip 7 - Obtain contents insurance
Buildings insurance is covered by your landlord, however this will not cover your personal belongings. Please ensure that you take out sufficient contents cover to safeguard your items within the property.

Tenants FAQ’s

1How much deposit will I need to pay?
Normally we will ask for a deposit of equivalent to 5 weeks rent. Additional rent maybe required if you wish to keep pets in the property (where this is acceptable)
2How / when will I receive my deposit back?
You will receive your deposit back within 10 working days of the end of your tenancy, your return deposit amount will depend on the condition of the property when you vacate. If the property is left in very good order with only general marks of wear and tear you will be given your full deposit back, if the property is left in poor condition and works are required before a new tenant can move in you will be invoiced for the work that is needed from your deposit.
3What references are required to support my application?
We will require previous Landlord reference, Employer reference and a character reference
4Who is responsible for the garden at the property?
Unless otherwise stated, you as the tenant are responsible for the maintenance of the garden.
5Am i allowed to keep pets in the property?
Possibly yes, this is the landlord's decision. If the landlord does agree to have pets in the property generally there is a greater holding deposit required in the unlikely event that the pet may cause damage to the property.
6Do I need insurance?
Yes, you would require contents insurance for your personal possessions.
7Will my rent increase?
You should expect that your rent might increase by approximately 6% per year, sometimes the landlord may not request that the rent is increased.
8What if my landlord is reluctant to carry out repairs and maintenance on the property?
This is a very unlikely circumstance, however if your landlord is reluctant to carry out necessary repairs to the property please voice your concerns to your property manager in the first instance.
9Can my landlord ask me to leave the property if I get into rent arrears?
Your landlord can give you a Section 6a notice, which is a legal document asking you to vacate the property, your landlord must give you two months notice if they would like you to leave. Your landlord can also take court proceedings against you for non-payment of rent.

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